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The organic smoothing of the CADIVEU PROFESSIONAL brand: is suitable for all types of hair, natural, highlights, colored, etc ... Thanks to its formula rich in active ingredients, the ECO KERATIN smoothing hydrates and eliminates frizz while promoting a smooth natural effect from 4 to 6 months. Offers extreme luminosity and reconstructs the hair fiber. It is also compatible with all other techniques. ECO KERATIN is an ORGANIC smoothing, hypoallergenic, without formalin and derivatives, it can also be applied to children and pregnant women. ECO KERATIN stiffens up to 100% for PERFECT SMOOTHING! This kit contains 300 ml of clarifying shampoo, 300 ml of keratin smoothing treatment and 300 ml of very hydrating finishing mask.

Cadiveu's Eco Keratin smoothing has a superior composition: without formaldehyde , petrolatum, parabens and without animal ingredients.
-Amino acids-methionine: important for the fusion of keratin.
-Glycine: actively involved in the supply of oxygen, the creation of cells, as well as building materials, including proteins.
- Cocoa butter: contains caffeine, sugars, mineral substances, organic acids, proteins, fatty acids. A huge stock of items for hair health. Restores broken, dry hair, strengthened the structure, gives shine. Is one of the strongest antioxidants, contributes to cell regeneration.
-Panthenol: nourishes, softens, makes hair smooth and disciplined. Increases the thickness of the hair, fills the cracks in the hair fiber.