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Cubacacau Regenerating Botox is a perfect combination of vegetable keratin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid .

Its main mission is to revive and strengthen the hair fiber by providing extreme hydration to the hair.

Vegetable keratin thanks to the amino acids that make up, is used to repair and revitalize the hair fiber by restoring the hair's shine, elasticity and strength.

It complements and fulfills the role of cement, at the very heart of the hair. Hair is revitalized and repaired.

Panthenol strengthens the hair fiber and participates in growth. 

The hair fiber is sheathed, less porous, it is strong, more flexible, more shiny and easier to style.

With its moisturizing and soothing properties, panthenol also acts on the scalp and helps curb hair loss .

Designed for all types of hair, especially dry, fragile, fine and damaged by chemical treatments.

The treatment consists of:

Stimulating Base Botox 1 1L

Regenerating treatment with rejuvenating effect, which provides the hair with good hydration and deep regeneration. Reduces frizz and recovers natural light.

Concentrate Botox 2 200ML

Is a molecular active which reorganizes the structure of the hair fiber. Its association with the Stimulating Base allows   to obtain a multiprotein formula (wheat farm and vegetable keratin) which, combined with hyaluronic acid and panthenol , nourishes and recovers hair mass.


Each 10ml of Botox 1 add 1ml of Botox 2 then mix.

Use 20ml of Botox 1 Stimulating Base for short hair with 2ml of Botox 2 Concentrate

- On clean and damp hair apply the mixture strand by strand and work it well. Leave to act for 30 minutes (apply heat for a better result)

- Leave the hair to cool then rinse without removing all the product.
- Brush and straighten 4 to 5 times with strands.