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The Detox Therapeutic deeply cleanses the scalp by removing excess sebum, dandruff and allowing hair growth . Detox is an excellent alternative for eliminating dead cells, getting rid of impurities linked to tobacco, pollution and cosmetic products that are difficult to wash out (silicone, etc.)

Action : 

Eliminates excess sebum, cleanses the scalp by promoting better oxygenation, stimulates hair growth making them stronger and healthier, removes impurities, promotes rejuvenation of the hair fiber, nourishes and protects hair from external aggressions.

Composition :

Jambu (medicinal plant from South America): strengthens and rejuvenates the hair.
Salicylic acid : helps eliminate excess sebum and regulates sebum production.
Amino acid complex: strengthens the hair fiber.
Essential nutrients : composed of several vitamins, they nourish the hair fiber.
Methionine : promotes hair growth.
Chlorophyll, lemon, apple and menthol : detoxifies the scalp and gives a feeling of freshness.


  • Divide the hair into 4 parts. Then apply Protein Detox for each session.
  • With the help of a bowl and a brush, apply Suco Verde to the scalp and root.
  • Make a stimulating massage for 5 minutes. Then leave a 15 minute break. 
  • Dilute in a 10ml bowl of shampoo with 50ml of water. Rinse then make two shampoos.
  • Apply the conditioner and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse and style. 

It is advisable to continue the treatment every 10 days at home for treatment monitoring and more results with the Detox Home Care Kit