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Product Description

 LLady Liss organic blend, from Robson Barber is revolutionizing Brazil.

Its active ingredient isaspartic acid which breaks the hydrogen bonds, transforming the hair into a smooth spiral. In addition, Lady Liss has 18 kinds of amino acids that provide more moisture and durability.

It has been prepared with 100% organic technology. It offers perfect smoothing, which reduces the volume to 100%. It is compatible with bleached, striated hair and very violent manes.

The organic smoothingLady Liss , is composed of a clarifying shampoo and a volume reducer which is responsible for stiffening the hair. It is also based on Formaldehyde-free keratin .


Clarifying Shampoo N ° 1 : Wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo (No. 1) 2 times, massaging gently with your fingertips. Repeat the operation if necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Dry the hair 100% using the hair dryer. 

Lady Liss N ° 2 : Divide the hair into 4 parts, so that the application is easier. Apply Lady Liss (No. 2) using a brush over the entire length, avoiding the scalp, starting at the nape of the neck. Pass the fine comb to remove the excess product. Theave on for between 40 minutes and 60 minutes. Dry the hair completely. Pass the straightening iron (ceramic or titanium) between 12 and 15 times over each very fine lock or until the hair is soft and smooth. Theave the head to cool for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly without shampoo. Then style as desired.



  • Takes into account the temperature of the iron:
    • In blond, streaked or very damaged hair: 180
    • For brown and virgin hair: 210
    • On afro and thick hair without discoloration: 230