Robson Peluquero is a brand born in Brazil in order to bring revolutionary and innovative products to the public thanks to unique formulations that meet all needs.

It was developed in high technology and perfect performance to meet professional requirements. Unique and protein-rich formulas from quaternized keratin silk. The formula consists of safflower oil and a mixture of amino acids which are responsible for rebuilding the hair, leaving it soft and silky.


On clean, dry hair, apply the MARSALA patina, strand by strand . Leave on for 45 minutes.

On dark hair it is necessary to strip to apply the patina. The fading background must be between 6 and 8, to obtain a copper fading background.


Example: 6.4, 6.44, 7.4, 7.44, 8.44, 8.43

On light or discolored hair or the tone is golden, it will be necessary to make a coloring to obtain the copper background.

Example: Use 7.44, 7.4, 8.44 or 8.43. Surered hair should be slightly discolored also for the application of the patina.