The term matifying comes from the word kill or suffocate. The pigments used for this purpose are called and known by pigments already revealed. Why revealed?

So as not to need the oxidative process to prove itself against melanin.

RP patinas have been developed to provide hair professionals with the best possible results, quickly and efficiently. With them we can  neutralize and create reflections.

Its formulation contains neutralizing pigments and tone creators. As well as active noblemen who provide deep treatment to the hair without leaving it dry. 

In the skincare patinas of RP, we will find the four most used colors in colorimetry, namely the primary, secondary, tertiary and alternative colors.


Composed of red, blue and yellow pigments. Gives a pearl effect. It only works on very light blond.


Apply to clean, damp hair with fine strands. Let the product act between 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the desired result. Rinse and style.