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The bleaching powder RP Master Mechas allows professionals different ways of use. We know that each hair will require a specific form of application and technique to achieve the best possible results.

The bleaching powder of Robson Peluquero hair because it sensitizes less there is a large percentage of keratin , collagen , wheat protein and chamomile to protect the hair during bleaching. It will thin up to 9 tonnes. It does not swell because the components are thick.

Formula and dosage

  • Creamy formula 1 + ½, perfect grip, often the most used even if it is the slowest. We no longer protect the hair. Action time 40 to 60 minutes.
  • Thick formula 1 + 1 from the root, it holds better thanks to its thickness. Action time will be double
  • Formula 1 + ⅕. Action time around 90 minutes.

  We understand that we can modify the modification of the dilution form of the Master Mechas RP powder according to the needs of each hair type.


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